The remodeled café is located in the original building “Machiya”
which was built more than 100 years ago.

We set out to capture the feeling of Kanazawa
and made a comfortable space that we yearned for.
The first floor is a café space where guests can relax on tatami style Japanese flooring.
The second floor is a semi private area that can be reserved for parties or private meals.
Please enjoy the fresh ingredients produced in Kanazawa that we use in our cooking.
We also have original coffee and local liquor.

It’s a one-minute walk from “Tatemachi Street”.

“Full of Beans” is easy to find using Google map just click on the google map link.
It’s within walking distance of Kenroku-en and the 21th Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa.
It’s about 15 minutes from Kanazawa Station by bus.
It’s a good place to relax and enjoy a light meal or drink.

Tel & Fax / 076-222-3315

41-1 Satomi Kanazawa Ishikawa 920-0998
Sun・Mon・Tue・Thu 11:30-16:00(L.O 15:30) 18:00-22:00(L.O 21:30)
Fri・Sat 11:30-16:00(L.O 15:30) 18:00-22:30(L.O 22:00)
CLOSED / Wednesday ( We’re open If Wednesday is a national holiday and then closed on Thursday )
Seating available / First floor 27 seats. Second floor 28 seats. Parking not available.
Walking to “Full of Beans”
Hokutetsu Bus from "Katamachi" bus stop is a 3-minute walk.
21th Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa is a 5-minute walk.
Tatemachi shopping street is a 1-minute walk.

The Delicious Healthy Fresh Seasonal Vegetables we use.

“Full of Beans” (We are) particular about Vegetables.
We use vegetables produced by the long-established greengrocery shop called “Matsudahisanao sho-ten”
It's the shop where rare vegetables such as Kaga vegetables are available and where fresh vegetables are abundant every day.
The left photograph shows some of the vegetable that we are using in our spring menu.
The Chef's choice of seasonal vegetables are cooked deliciously by grilling, frying or boiling.

Lanch Time

At lunch time “ The Plenty vegetable lunch plate” is popular among woman.
Local gourmet “Hunton rice” is also popular.
The recommended menu “Plenty of vegetable salad curry”
is a collaboration with Champion Curry and it is a famous Kanazawa curry.

Dinner Time

We hope that you are happy with our dinner menu that offers fresh local ingredients
which also goes well with a glass or bottle of red or white wine.
Our meals are healthy and you can eat to your hearts content
without worrying about your weight.

Take Out

We have received hors d'oeuvre from ¥3000 ideal for home party.
We sell bottle drink from ¥650.
Please feel free to contact us.


We are glad to accept reservations for 2nd floor private parties such as a wedding parties or large social parties.
You can also reserve all of “Full of Beans”. You can utilize the whole coffee house for various events such as
a drinking party, wedding party, welcome party and a new year party.

Please enjoy dishes that are served full of fresh locally grown vegetables in a grounded space of an old private Japanese house.
We are conveniently located 10 minute by car from Kanazawa Station or one minute on foot from Tatemachi Street.
So please feel free to come by.

Space For Rent

You can use the second floor for exhibitions and events easily.
We for example use it for company briefing sessions and school sessions and also as an event space.

Price / weekday : one hour 1500yen
Weekend and holiday : one hour 2000 yen
Optional use / one microphone : one hour 500 yen
Projector(with provide PC or your own) / one hour 500 yen
*price includes tax *rental available time 11:00-17:00 *minimum two hour use.
*consulting about your individual usage can be arranged during store hours.
*There are cases where the space rental fee is waved if eating and drinking at “Full of Beans” is included.